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In 2010, a small group of veterans began to meet for breakfast at their local Bob Evans Restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida.  The group was quickly joined by more and more veterans, their families and friends.  Our total group in now nearly 1,000 and Bob’s Vets now meet at several local Central Florida Bob Evans Restaurants.  Weekly get-togethers attract a dozen or so at smaller venues to well over 100 during special events such as Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.

This web site is maintained by and for our Bob’s Vets group, and is dedicated to promoting the happiness and fulfillment that our get-togethers provide.  From “The Greatest Generation” to “The Latest Generation,” our nation’s finest value their weekly breakfasts.  Many suffer from post-traumatic stress, depression and loneliness; however, just coming together at “Bob’s” for breakfast and fellowship offers a healing process that transcends traditional treatments.

We invite all veterans, their families and friends, as well as those who simply wish to share our love of country, to join us at any of the weekly breakfasts listed on this web site.  We want to take this opportunity to welcome you to our table.

Click photo above to see Veteran’s Day Parade Slideshow, Ruskin/Sun City Bob’s Vets  Nov. 11, 2017

Click photo above to see the Veteran’s Day Tribute Slideshow, Tyrone Bob’s Vets Nov. 10, 2017

Bob’s Vets member, Sam Martin, was the guest speaker for the Graduation Ceremony of SUPT Class 22-08 on Friday, 15 April 2022 at Columbus AFB, Mississippi.

Col. Sam Martin, USAF (Ret.) Speech to Graduating Class SUPT Class 22-08, Columbus, AFB, Mississippi

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