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Q: What is the purpose of Bob’s Vets?

A: Bob’s Vets is a private group of individuals, most of whom are military veterans, their families and friends, who meet weekly to share memories and camaraderie while enjoying breakfast at a participating Bob Evans Restaurant.

Q: How is your group affiliated with Bob Evans Restaurant?

A: Bob’s Vets is not affiliated with Bob Evans Restaurants.  We have chosen to meet at several of the Central Florida restaurants,  and appreciate the support provided by Bob Evans.  However, in no way do we represent Bob Evans’ organization and they do not represent Bob’s Vets.

Q: Can anyone join Bob’s Vets?

A: Bob’s Vets welcomes any and all military veterans, their families and friends as well as any fellow Americans who share our love of country.  Please join us any time and Welcome to our table!

Q: Is there any cost to be a part of Bob’s Vets?

A: Bob’s Vets doesn’t charge any membership fees or other mandatory fees.  Each person is responsible for his/her own breakfast which is ordered from the standard Bob Evans menu.  Bob’s Vets occasionally has special events such as holiday parties, picnics, etc.  All attendance is optional and charges are well known in advance of the event.

Q: I recently attended a Bob’s Vets breakfast and was asked to provide contact information.  Why?

A: Bob’s Vets retains an active list of participants along with their branch of service (if applicable) and contact information.  Providing this information is optional, but certainly appreciated.  Bob’s Vets does not share this list with any businesses/vendors and we specifically ask that all members refrain from sharing this list and/or using the list for marketing purposes.  If any member uses the list for other than Bob’s Vets purposes, they will be given one warning to refrain from such practices.  A second violation will result in asking the individual to leave the group.

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